Good Shepherd School

The students and staff at GSS had the honour of welcoming Mrs. Judith Rosenberg who is a Holocaust survivor. Mrs. Rosenberg spoke courageously with the students about her experiences during this very disturbing period. Mrs. Rosenberg encouraged the students to keep the memory of the past alive to prevent atrocities of the Holocaust from happening again. The students were very open to hearing her story. Thank you very much Mrs. Rosenberg for sharing your story with us.

Harold Sheppard School

Miss Trudeau’s Cycle 3 students hosted the Socktober event at Harold Sheppard School. They are proud to announce that 280 pairs of adult socks and 100 pairs of children’s socks were collected. The socks were donated to La Porte du Passant, a local non-profit organization, who will redistribute the socks to the homeless and to individuals in need. Socks are in high demand for the homeless in winter, but they’re one of the least commonly donated items. La Porte du Passant was amazed with our large donation!