Click here to view the 2018-2019 school calendar* (Elementary level & Seconday Level)

*The upcoming provincial election will be on October 1st, 2018. 

All Quebec schools will be closed for students, and staff will have a pedagogical day.

All daycares will remain open with the exception of those schools that will be hosting the polling stations (please see the list below). 

Because classes will be cancelled on October 1, the conditional pedagogical day on April 23, 2019, will be converted into a regular school day for students and staff.

List of daycares that will be closed on October 1st, 2018: St. Johns, St. Jude, Good Shepherd, Boucherville Elementary, Mountainview, St. Mary's, William Latter and Harold Napper.

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**ACCESS Centers will also be closed for students on October 1, 2018.

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*Centennial Regional High School:  CRHS
*Heritage Regional High School: HRHS
*Saint-Lambert International High School: SLI
*Greenfield Park Primary International School: GPI

September 2018

  • 5: General Assembly for parents at Courtland Park International School at 6:30pm.
  • 6-7: Student ID photos at CRHS. 
  • 6: General Assembly at Mountainview School at 6:30pm.
  • 7: General Assembly and Meet the teacher information evening at Royal Charles School at 7pm.
  • 7: Corn Roast a the Carnival at Courtland Park International School.
  • 7: 5 à 7 "Welcome Back" at Harold Napper School.
  • 11: CRHS Welcome Night BBQ for Sec.I parents at 7pm.
  • 12: General Assembly & Meet the Teacher Night at St. Lambert Elementary School at 7pm.
  • 12: General Assembly at William Latter School at 6:30pm.
  • 13: Meet the Teacher & General Assembly at Harold Napper School.
  • 13: General Assembly & Meet the Teacher Night (*Special Presentation "Teacher of the Year MENSA") at Boucherville Elementary School at 6pm.
  • 13: Lunch time Corn Roast at Royal Charles School.
  • 13: BBQ for ACCESS Royal Oak students at 11:30am.
  • 13: General Assembly at 7pm at St. Jude School.
  • 13: General Assembly at 6:45pm at St. Mary's School.
  • 14: Picture Day at Mountainview School. 
  • 14: Terry Fox run at SLI.
  • 18: Heritage Regional High School Open House from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
  • 18: Picture Day at Willam Latter School.
  • 19: Saint-Lambert International High School Open House in the evening (Time TBC).
  • 19: GB Meeting & Elections at CRHS at 7pm.
  • 19: Welcome Back BBQ at St. Lawrence School (September 20th in case of rain).
  • 20: Centennial Regional High School Open House in the evening (Time TBC).
  • 20: Terry Fox Run at Courtalnd Park International School.
  • 20: Rainbow Day at Mountainview School (students dress in colors!).
  • 21: Pedagogical day. All schools are closed for students but daycares are open.
  • 25: Picture Day at St. Jude School.
  • 26: CRHS Sec. IV Info Session for parents at 7pm.
  • 26: Cross Country Tournament at Mont St. Bruno for participating students.
  • 26: Welcome Back Pizza Lunch at ACCESS Brossard. 11am for morning classes, 1:15pm for afternoon classes.
  • 27: Picture Day at Royal Charles School.
  • 27: Terry Fox Run at Mountainview School.
  • 27: Terry Fox Run at William Latter School (on the 28 in case of rain).
  • 28: Apple picking for Kindergarten students at Harold Napper School.
  • 28: Terry Fox Run at Royal Charles School.
  • 28: Official Attestation Day. All students must be present!

October 2018

  • 1: Provincial General Elections 2018. Schools and ACCESS centers are closed for students. Pedagogical day for staff.
  • 3: Evening courses Welcome Back Dinner at ACCESS Brossard at 7pm.
  • 3: BBQ for ACCESS Cleghorn students from 11:30pm to 12:20.
  • 9: T.a.G. Testing at CRHS. Math & Science at 8:30am and Arts at 11am.
  • 10: Student ID photo retakes at CRHS.
  • 18: CRHS Sec. V Parent Info Session at 7pm.