William Latter School


William Latter School students and staff wore a hockey jersey on April 12 to support the families and friends of the Humboldt Broncos' team who was involved in a tragic accident on April 6.





National Volunteer Week

Thank you wonderful Riverside volunteers! Your time and energy spent in our schools, in class or on events & activities, are UNVALUABLE! Our students & staff deeply appreciate your priceless contribution. On National Volunteer Week, we “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections and community”. Our community makes us strong!





Étincelle Award - Bravo Gigi Nadeau!

Riverside School Board librarian extraordinaire, Gigi Nadeau, will be honored by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) for her outstanding work promoting the love of literature and books as she works with Riverside’s schools and teachers. Nominated by staff members at Royal Charles School, Gigi received news that she will be honored by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport, Sébastien Proulx, next month in Quebec City. Ceremonies for the SPARK AWARD will take place at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.




Good Shepherd School


Good Shepherd School hosted a multicultural fair this week. Its intention was to promote a greater awareness and appreciation among its students for the diverse cultures represented in their school and community. In turn, the school was hoping that this event would promote a greater respect for cultural differences. The event engaged students in discussions within their own families about their cultural and ethnic background. Over 33 countries were represented! In addition to the educational aspect of this event, the school also hosted a multicultural celebration: dance, music, and healthy, tasty food options that are outside the normal scope of the students’ daily lives.





Saint-Lambert International High School

Congratulations to the Secondary 5 students who presented their IB Personal Projects! Original, ambitious and eye-catching. A great success!


Team Spirit at St. Lambert Elementary School


The children of Ms Cleland's grade 2/3 and Mme Julie's grade 3 at St. Lambert Elementary took advantage of the nice weather to build Inukshuks out of ice blocks. It took teamwork and patience. Everyone had fun!


Community Cupboard Project at ACCESS


On March 21, the student council at ACCESS launched their Community Cupboard. Offered in partnership with CIJAd-CJE de Laporte, students now have the opportunity to purchase meals and snacks on a by-donation basis during breaks and lunchtime. With whatever spare change they may have in their pockets, they can fill their bellies with a little something to eat!


Boucherville Elementary School


Congratulations to all Boucherville Elementary students who showed perseverance during the month of February! Bravo!


March Break


March Break from March 5 to March 9, 2018. Riverside School Board schools, centers and daycare services are closed. Enjoy the week!




St. Mary's School

The fight against bullying is still a hot topic. In recent weeks, there has been an open dialogue in class to give our students a chance to share what they have experienced in our school. From these discussions, this video was born where the young people could explain the testimonies heard in class. The parents' collaboration demonstrates and encourages students that our entire community is united so that our school is recognized as a place where EVERYONE can feel safe.
There is still a lot of work to be done, but our initiative is a step in the right direction.
Following our 3 Cheers Assembly, students will now highlight the positive actions taken onto pink squares. These squares will then form a mosaic of the beautiful actions and efforts made by our community to support the victims who may sometimes feel very alone. This mosaic will be on display in the entrance hall of our school.

One voice, one team





Centennial Regional High School

Pink Shirt Day began in Nova Scotia about 10 years ago when a high-school student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Since then, Pink Shirt Day is a day to show that you do not accept bullying of any kind, but especially bullying someone for his or her sexuality! The Gay-Straight Alliance of CRHS had their third successful campaign and raised money for Project 10, a support group for LGBTQ teenagers in Montreal.


School Transportation Safety


As part of the School Transportation Safety Campaign "Did you see me?”, Riverside School Board Transportation Department organized a great awareness event. More than 40 students, from nine participating elementary schools, walked the streets of Greenfield Park around St. Jude School with Bubusse, the Bus Carriers Federation’s mascot. Participating students were selected following a drawing contest that focused on school bus safety. The winning students also received a gift (books!) and a hot chocolate ! A big thank you to the dozens of volunteers and bus carriers for their invaluable help! Police officers from the agglomeration of Longueuil were on site to ensure the safety of students, volunteers, staff and carriers.




ACCESS Adult Learners Week

ACCESS Adult Education and Career Training Center spent the week of February 12th-16th rejoicing in life-long learning and offering free workshops to students and the community at large! Adult Learners Week celebrated the efforts of adult learners, encouraging perseverance in their studies and personal lives, and enticing others to take the leap to return to learning. From guest speakers sharing their experience with perseverance and self-discovery, to workshops and career-exploration opportunities encouraging students to learn something new, Adult Learners Week offered a variety of options to engage individuals in achieving their goals.


Bravo CRHS!


Congratulations Centennial Regional High School participating students and its winners at the 17th CRC Robotics Competition that took place on February 1, 2 and 3, 2018 in Laval Senior Academy. In just its 4th year, Centennial did amazingly well and finished 2nd overall and ranked in every major category. Bravo!



Registration 2018-2019


It is time to register! Riverside School Board Registration Period starts January 22, 2018. Contact the school secretary to book an appointment.




Good Shepherd School


Congratulations to Good Shepherd School students Chalom Gakindi, Mathis Lafond, Daniel Madigan and Shawn Nabizada, who worked nearly a full year on their model of the New Champlain Bridge. A real masterpiece that impressed several guests, including engineer Georges Chami who is currently working on the New Champlain Bridge project. Also present at the inauguration: Alexandra Mendès, MP for Brossard - Saint-Lambert; Dan Lamoureux, Chair of the Council of Commissioners; Margaret Gour, Commissioner, Pierre Gagnon, Director of Material Resources; Benoit Chamontin, Communication Advisor Signature on the St. Lawrence; Jossiane Martel, Infrastructure Canada. Thank you to Ms. Donette Cole, initiator of the project and to both volunteer parents, Mr. Tam and Mr. Madigan who guided the students! A great success!





Congratulations to the St. Johns’ Academic Award Recipients! Bravo!




St. Lawrence School

Community is important to St Lawrence and a great part of what makes our school so vital. On this note we would like to thank the Fédération de l’Âge d’or du Québec (FADOQ) of Candiac for volunteering their time and resources to give our grade 2 students an afternoon of pure joy. Bingo games in which 2 students won prizes, healthy snacks of fruits, and finally an exercise activity were all run on the afternoon of the 29th of November. In the end every student received a bag with pencils and other school supplies.Thank you FADOQ of Candiac for your generosity.


C.I.T. Camp LipDub


The Chambly Academy Cougars in Training produced their first LipDub this year. Annie Beauregard, Spiritual and Community Life Animator, initiated the idea. The C.I.T. participants were enthusiastic and more than happy to create their own video production. Enjoy watching!



Highest Graduation Rate in Quebec


Riverside School Board has the highest graduation rate in Quebec!



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