St. Lawrence School


Education First!

The students of Mrs. Sandy's class had a visit from Riverside School Board Director General, Sylvain Racette, and from special guest, Member of Parliament of La Prairie and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Food, Mr. Jean-Claude Poissant. They came to highlight the humanitarian efforts and congratulate them on the success of their efforts. Mr. Poissant gave each student a certificate of recognition to thank them for being role models for youth and for their community. Also present: Mr. Matthey, Principal of the school; Laurianne Lessard, parent volunteer; Michael Sitruk, CLC Coordinator.



St. Johns Athletes

Congratulations St. Johns' athetes for winning High School Team of the Year, Female Juvenile Student-Athlete of the year (Alicia Vanier) and Male Juvenile Student-Athlete of the year (Kevin Amyot) at the 28th RSEQ Gala d'excellence!


John Adam Memorial School


A worldwide kindness challenge has been ongoing at John Adam Memorial School in the Riverside School Board. All 299 students and 46 staff members performed an act of kindness, documented it in a booklet and forwarded it for someone else to perform a kind act. Upon return of a student's booklet, Mrs. Kim Jarvo meets with him/her, discusses the kindness and plots the locations on a map for all to see.



International Students

Welcome to Riverside! Colombian students arrived on May 14, 2017 and are staying with us for four weeks at Royal Charles, Cedar Street and Greenfield Park International Primary Schools. We have very welcoming families!


Public Speaking Contest


Congratulations to Kira Dias, Saint-Lambert International High School student, who won first place and Abigail Green, St. Johns' student, who came in second at the Public Speaking Contest Semi-Finals. Bravo to all participants on your inspiring speeches! (L to R on picture: Alicia, St. Johns; Chloe, HRHS; Aliyah, CRHS; Nolan Patrick, HRHS; Anna Capobianco, Commissioner; Jamal, CRHS; Abigail, St. Johns; Isaiah, SLI; Kira, SLI; Lesley Llewelyn Cuffling, Vice-Chair, Council of Commissioners). The contest aims to encourage the art of Public Speaking among High School Students.




Growing Together to Support Richelieu Valley Families
Students from cycle 3 at Cedar Street received a visit from Jean-Philippe from La Shop Agricole who offered them a training session on how to nurture plants in an urban context. They made a mix of compost and soil and installed an automated irrigation system to ensure that plants growing on the school's green wall would be watered on weekends and over the summer holiday. Our cycle 1 students have planted herbs in mini-green houses and will transplant them outside on the green wall in May. Volunteers from Le Grain de sel will pick up the herbs during the summer months to offer them to families in need in the valley. Our herbs in combination with the vegetables that will be grown in the Mountainview garden will offer families of the valley an opportunity to eat balanced meals. Congrats to our students for planting the seeds that will nurture the Valley!



Blood Drive at GPI

The grade 5 students at Greenfield Park International Primary School are proud to be hosting their 3rd Annual Héma-Québec Blood Drive. Students have been learning all about the importance of giving blood. They will be volunteering alongside the Héma-Québec team on May 30th from 12:30 to 7:30 pm in the school gym. We hope to see you there!



Slam Poetry at CRHS

Watch Centennial Regional High School's slam poetry competition on CBC News Montreal. (On CBC picture: Aliyah Mahon)



The Lion King


Congratulations to the young Harold Napper School artists for their outstanding performance in the musical, The Lion King, presented at Centennial Regional High School on April 12-13.



Martine Ouellet visits Royal Charles School

Martine Ouellet, Member of Parliament for Vachon, visited the Grade 6 class at Royal Charles School to raise awareness among students about a vital and irreplaceable natural resource, water. As part of her partnership with Ciel et Terre, Ms. Ouellet presented an interesting and compelling set of facts, news and explanations on water sources, environmental impacts and water protection. Thank you!



Centennial Regional High School's Day of Silence

The Gay-Straight Alliance at CRHS spread the word about how LGBTQ people around the world are silenced and mistreated. Students made vows of silence and bought rainbow bracelets to show their support.



Wave Against Bullying


The 7th Annual Community Wave Against Bullying took place on Wednesday, April 12th on Green Street in Saint-Lambert. Saint-Lambert Elementary School, REACH school, Saint-Lambert International High School, Saints-Anges primary school and Rabeau primary school took a stand against bullying by making a human chain of just over a kilometer. Several guests, including Émilie Courval, the student who had the idea of the project 7 years ago; Lesley Llewelyn Cuffling, Commissioner; Sylvain Racette, Director General; Lucie Roy, Assistant Director General and several others were also in attendance.




Juice Boost Opens at Heritage!

Students from Mrs. Cawley's class at HRHS have opened their own juicing stand. What started out as a class discussion during a nutrition unit, quickly turned into a weekly, student-run business that offers fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices to students and staff at a low price. The question they asked themselves was, how can we improve health in our school? With help from a member of PPO, the project received a grant from Programme Metro Croque Santé and a donation of equipment from IKEA. The students researched about vitamins and minerals, looked up juice recipes, conducted taste tests, and then converted a counter into a juicing stand. They are now making delicious juices once a week, dealing with customers and taking care of the accounting for their business!



Centennial Regional High School


Autism Awareness is growing at Centennial!



Joint Concert


On Saturday March 25, Riverside School Board music students came together for a regional Honour Band event. Students from grades 5-11 gathered at Centennial to practice all day with musical mentors from the Band of the 438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. The day culminated with a joint concert featuring the Riverside Honour Band and the 438 Band. Sixty-five Students from Centennial, Heritage, Saint Lambert International, Greenfield Park International, Mountainview, Terry Fox and St Lambert Elementary participated in this prestigious event.


Festival of Nations


The last week of March, St. John's Elementary students participated in a 3-day Festival of Nations. The classes spun a giant wheel to know which country they would be focusing on. The first day was tri-fold day, where all the students had an opportunity to learn about the country, the second day the students tasted foods from each country and the third day was Olympic day where students participated in different games representing the various countries. Thank you to Mr. Dave Turcotte, MNA of St-Jean, for his generous financial support to the Festival of Nations and to Mme Diane Godin, political attaché to Mr. Turcotte, for her presence at our event. Your support towards the St. Johns’ community and to the school is greatly appreciated! A big thank you also to all the wonderful volunteers and to the amazing organizer & teacher Sabrina Roselli. The student had a memorable experience! Bravo St. Johns students!



Centennial Regional High School

After collecting donations of spaghetti, tomato sauce, and cake mix from Middle School students at CRHS, senior students cooked and served meals to Montreal's needy at Benedict Labre House, on March 27th.



Mount Bruno Daycare

Watch the video of the Broadway Musical Grease performed by Mount Bruno daycare students on February 17, 2017, pedagogical day. All the children look and sound amazing! A special thank you goes out to Willow School of Music, the educators and all the Day Care students. Great team work everyone!



International Students

Riverside International students participated in the Centennial Regional High School Country Fair, on March 29, 2017. Bravo!


Annie The Musical at William Latter School


The musical Annie was a huge success at William Latter School last Friday night! Under the direction of the cycle 3 teachers Ms Kozub, Ms Kim and Ms Daisy, the students performed like professionals! Annie, Ms Hannigan, and the rest of the actors’ crew entertained the audience, and made everyone proud of the great talents at William Latter School! The choir, led by our music teacher Ms Diana, sang beautifully, adding the special touch to an already well presented show! Congratulations to all!



Sugar Shack at Greenfield Park Primary International School

On March 23rd, Greenfield Park International School hosted a Sugar Shack event in its own school yard. Students enjoyed eating maple taffy and riding calèches. This event allowed them to embrace a Quebec tradition.




IB Personnal Project Fair at Saint-Lambert International High School

Year 5 students proudly presented, on March 22nd, their Personal Projects for the 2016-2017 school year. The Personal Project Fair showcased and celebrated the students’ understanding of the IB Middle Years program with a focused goal on the six Global Contexts. These projects reflected the students’ learning, skills, interests and passions. The Fair was a great success! Congratulations!



St. Lambert Elementary's Kindness Calendar


St. Lambert Elementary Grade 2 English, Grades 2/3 and 3/4 Immersion students couldn't wait to start their December Kindness Calendars. Each day in December, students did a different random act of kindness.


C.I.T. Camp LipDub


The Chambly Academy Cougars in Training produced their first LipDub this year. Annie Beauregard, Spiritual and Community Life Animator, initiated the idea. The C.I.T. participants were enthusiastic and more than happy to create their own video production. Enjoy watching!



Highest Graduation Rate in Quebec


Riverside School Board has the highest graduation rate in Quebec!



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