School Calendar and Upcoming Events


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***Further to the closure of all schools and centers on January 23, 2018 (bad weather conditions), please note that the conditional pedagogical day scheduled for April 23, 2018, has been cancelled and is now a regular school day.

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*Centennial Regional High School:  CRHS
*Heritage Regional High School: HRHS
*Saint-Lambert International High School: SLI
*Greenfield Park Primary International School: GPI


APRIL 2018

  • 2: Easter Monday. Schools, centers and daycare services are closed.
  • 3: Pedagogical day. Schools are closed for the students, but daycare services are open.
  • 3: Vaccinations at SLI for Sec. 3 students.
  • 4: Talent Show auditions begin at Royal Charles School.
  • 4-5-6: Festival of Nations at St. Johns School.
  • 5: GB Meeting at SLI in the evening.
  • 6: Kids' Cup Event at Eric Sharp Arena in Saint-Lambert. Fundraiser for St. Lambert Elementary School. Starts at 5pm.
  • 10: Public Speaking Contest at SLI (Period 1 & 2).
  • 10-11-12-13: Cooking Workshop at Courtland Park International School.
  • 11: Grade 6 Exhibition from 2:50pm to 4:15pm at Courtland Park International School.
  • 11: Vaccination for Grade 4 students at Harold Sheppard School.
  • 12: St. Lambert Elementary, SLI and William Latter wear green jerseys to show their support to the Humboldt Broncos' junior hockey team.
  • 12: FAF Drama Major Production Matinee at HRHS
  • 13: FAF Drama Major Production Evening at HRHS.
  • 16: GB Meeting at St. Jude School in the evening.
  • 17: Access Cleghorn Open House from 10am to 3pm for students and from 6pm to 7:30pm for public & community members. Postponed to April 30, 2018. 
  • 17: Jump for Heart at Royal Charles School.
  • 18: Annual Wave Against Bullying in Saint-Lambert. Starts at 1:40pm in front of St. Lambert Elementary School on Green Street. Event Cancelled. A March againt Bullying is schedule to replace the event. Saint-Lambert Elementary students & staff will start marching at 1:40pm in front of the school.
  • 19: HRHS Drama Club Production/School Play (all day).
  • 20: School-based pedagogical day at HRHS only.
  • 20: Graduation pictures at Courtland Park International.
  • 23: REGULAR school day for all Riverside School Board students.
  • 24: Outing at the Granby Zoo for Grade 3 students at Courtland Park International School.
  • 24: GB Meeting at 6:30pm at Royal Charles School.
  • 25: Variety Show Matinee at HRHS & GB Meeting in the evening.
  • 26: After school soccer starts at Royal Charles School.
  • 26-27: St. Lambert Elementary School Play at 7pm. (With Tickets)
  • 27: FAF Dance Show at HRHS.
  • 27: Music Gala/Talent Show at SLI.
  • 28: SLI Fashion Show for Up with Adam Fundation, in the evening.
  • 30: Sportira CAGE activity for Cycle 3 students at Courtland Park International School.