St-Lawrence Elementary School



148 Champlain Blvd,

Candiac, Qc (Postal code Missing)

Telephone : (450) 550-2500

Fax :(450) 632-5415






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Principal : Julia Pavlopoulos

Vice Principal(s) : Julie Ruel

Secretary : Carole Lefrançois

Office Agent : Sue Codispoti

General Information

School hours : 8:10am to 2:48pm

Current enrollment : 447

Daycare Services

Daycare Technician : Heather Gaudreault

Hours of operation : 7:00am to 6:00pm

Philosophy / Mission / Objectives

This is the existing Educational Project, which is under review. We strive to encourage and stimulate the total development of all students intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually in order to support and empower them in becoming well-rounded citizens of this diverse and competitive world. Our mission is to promote a healthy, safe and stimulating bilingual environment. We are committed to developing a sense of respect, duty, and responsibility towards self, peers the community and the environment. The objectives are:

  • to develop and support a strong English and Immersion program
  • to promote and support a strong physical education program and to encourage student participation in physical activity
  • to ensure that students receive support needed in order to succeed in their academic programs
  • to foster creativity throughout all disciplines
  • to nurture cooperation and communication within the school and between the school and its community
  • to create a sense of belonging
  • to support technological integration in the curriculum
  • to be environmentally and socially responsible

Academic Programs

- French Immersion
- English Immersion


Support Services

- We have support services from RSB, our CLSC(social worker and school nurse), our community officer, the fire department.


School Life Activities

- There are a great amount of activities for our students, organized by staff or our PPO(which very involved) - SSIAA activities, many extra-curricular activities (football, soccer, cheer-leading, Mad Science activities, Karate, babysitting courses, etc), family movie nights, cycle 3 dances, many field trips. concerts, monthly students assemblies.


Additional Information

Building features, special facilities

St. Lawrence School has 2 buildings located one beside the other with a shared school yard. There is an ongoing back yard project. We have a new grass area, and new basketball and soccer nets.

The St. Raymond building houses our K-cycle 1 students, and the Champlain building houses our cycle 2 and cycle 3 students. We have a gymnasium in each building and a cafeteria in the Champlain building. The portables that were an extension to the St. Raymond building are no longer in use as they are to be removed at some point this year.


Parental Participation

Governing Board Chair : Alice Noble

Parents’ Committee Representative : Michael Hadley

PPO Chair : Marie-Claude Guerin

Library Service : We have a library in each building, and both libraries are run by parent volunteers.


District Commissioner(s)

Donna Gareau