February 7 to 13, 2016: Teacher Appreciation Week


For our students, for us all, thanks for being there! Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity to personally thank all our teachers for their commitment and contributions to Québec society.


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Special Alert
Important communiqué from Director General, Sylvain Racette, regarding preventive measures to keep our youth safe. (French version available shortly).

The provincial school transportation safety campaign, February 1-12
Too many road users drive carelessly, even in a risky manner, when meeting or following a school bus. The Bus Carriers Federation is requesting that people adopt safe behaviours around school buses and obey their signals.

Communique Regarding School Soil
Contamination in the soil is in no way harmful to the children and staff at the schools. Please read the communique for more details.

How PACE Came to Be
This year is a big one for Adam’s PACE. We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary! It was in the fall of 2005 that the first PACE students walked onto the Champlain College campus and became part of the community… and we haven’t looked back since! Our celebrations this year will include a conference for and by youth and young adults with disabilities (April 16 at Dawson College), as well as a Graduate and Alumni Dinner (June 10). Circle the dates on your calendar and keep alert for more information. Ten years… that’s something to celebrate!

Adam's PACE
Take a tour of Adam's Pace! Watch the video!

Inspirations Express - Winter 2016
Inspirations Express new Winter 2016 Edition is now available online.

LEARN Quebec January 2016 Newsletter
Check out what's happening at LEARN this month!

What is measles?
Please see information from the Public Health Agency of Canada on Measles.

Success in School
The Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD), also known as “I am, I’ll be,” is being conducted by the Institut de la statistique du Québec in collaboration with a number of partners. The main goal of the survey is to identify the factors, which observed in early childhood, contribute to social adjustment and academic success among Québec children.

Host Family for an International Student
Riverside School Board is looking for English speaking host families who will provide a welcoming home for an international student wanting to study in the Montéregie area.

Riverside Television
Watch Riverside Television's Round Tables, Riverside's Got Talent and Riverside School Events!

The Leadership Committee for English Education in Québec – LCEEQ is a collaborative professional learning community established for the purpose of promoting educational leadership in response to the needs of the English educational community of Québec.

Riverside against Bullying
Schools of the Riverside School Board take a stand against bullying of all sorts.

The History of French Immersion
Did you know that Riverside School Board is the birth place of the French Immersion program we see today in most English schools? HRTV has produced this video outlining the history and evolution of this successful program. Have a look!

We Are Riverside
Promotional video of Riverside School Board. See what makes us great!



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