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against Quebec school boards /
Fees paid by parents for

textbooks, instructional material

and educational services


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Riverside School Board parents


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Class Action Authorised by the Court


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Vernissage St. Mary's


It is with pride that we now unveil to the general public the videos prepared by St. Mary’s Grade 6 Immersion students. This result is the end of a long ten-month process that has led the students to discover such concepts as flexibility, optimism, resilience, perseverance and empathy. Expressed through poetry, these concepts have made it possible to explore the theme of identity as the basic unit of the community bond that unites them. It was with great joy that the school received the entire St. Mary’s community and beyond to a “Vernissage” of photographs representing all the actors of their beautiful community. Everyone’s energy has increased their sense of belonging to their beautiful school.
Thank you all for this great achievement. Congratulations to the students and to the dozens of people who let themselves be photographed in order to capture one of life’s moments, an instance of their daily life. We are privileged witnesses of beautiful vivacity.




International Students

Hasta la vista to our Colombian friends!




Centennial Regional High School

Congratulations to Patricia Morrissette and Amber Coones who received two recognition awards for the Development of Reading competencies and the Provincial Reading Award. Their project focused on Mental Health and it was recognized for how well it addressed a very sensitive issue.


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Long Term Planning Document
Public Consultation on the proposed changes to "zoning" and the Policy on Enrolment Criteria for Registration.

Free online tutoring with REAL teachers. Elementary and Secondary.

Food Allergy Canada
Food Allergy Canada educates, supports and advocates for the needs of people living with food allergies and the risk of anaphylaxis. Guide for ParentsResources for Educators.

Information Guide
Information Guide for Parents on School Violence and Bullying

LEARN Quebec June 2016 Newsletter
Check out what's happening at LEARN this month!

Inspirations News
Inspirations News latest Edition is now available online.

Riverside against Bullying
Schools of the Riverside School Board take a stand against bullying of all sorts.

What is measles?
Please see information from the Public Health Agency of Canada on Measles.

Success in School
The Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD), also known as “I am, I’ll be,” is being conducted by the Institut de la statistique du Québec in collaboration with a number of partners. The main goal of the survey is to identify the factors, which observed in early childhood, contribute to social adjustment and academic success among Québec children.

Host Family for an International Student
Riverside School Board is looking for English speaking host families who will provide a welcoming home for an international student wanting to study in the Montéregie area.

Riverside Television
Watch Riverside Television's Round Tables, Riverside's Got Talent and Riverside School Events!

The Great Canadian Experiment that Worked: L’immersion française dans nos écoles
Read the article on LEARN Québec! Collaboration spéciale de Marla Williams, Coordonnatrice CPF – Québec

The Leadership Committee for English Education in Québec – LCEEQ is a collaborative professional learning community established for the purpose of promoting educational leadership in response to the needs of the English educational community of Québec.

Information about Head Lice
Head lice have been around for a long time and they are not about to disappear any time soon. Each year in all regions of Quebec, tens of thousands of small hands start furiously scratching the backs of heads and ears. That is one sign that the incessant war against head lice has started up again. We must be prepared since an organized battle is still the best strategy!

We Are Riverside
Promotional video of Riverside School Board. See what makes us great!

The History of French Immersion
Did you know that Riverside School Board is the birth place of the French Immersion program we see today in most English schools? HRTV has produced this video outlining the history and evolution of this successful program. Have a look!




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