St. Johns School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


St. Johns School proudly hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open its new wing to the school and its new high school gymnasium. On hand for the festivities, which were held on Monday, February 23rd, were students in athletics St. Johns Knights uniforms as well as special guests from RSB, including Director General Sylvain Racette and local MNA for St. Jean, Mr. Dave Turcotte. Also on hand were other RSB guests – Director of Material Resources, Pierre Farmer; from Material Resources Yvan Meunier; outgoing Commissioner Pierre D’Avignon; Parent Commissioner Pierre Chouinard; new Commissioner Deena Butler,  Director of Complementary Services, Gail Somerville and Vice-Chair Lesley Llewelyn-Cuffling (not on picture). The event was covered by the local press in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the newspaper , Canada Français. The event was a success from start to finish, where Mr. Turcotte and Mr. D’avignon even found time to shoot a couple of baskets in the gym, much to the delight of the guests and students on hand. A great time was had by all and the Students of St. Johns now have the kind of facilities that will provide an even better learning environment and place to hone their athletic abilities.


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Pink Shirt Day
Camille Ross (Global News) speaks to Eva de Gosztonyi, Riverside School Board psychologist and bullying expert, about Pink Shirt day and how bullying is affecting our kids.

Letter addressed to the Members of the National Assembly of Québec
Letter addressed to the Members of the National Assembly of Québec regarding Riverside School Board and Proposed Mergers. To see a copy of the resolution adopted at the meeting of the Council of Commissioners of Riverside School Board, click here.

March is National Nutrition Month
March is National Nutrition Month and a great time to think about the importance of healthy eating. Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods from the 4 food groups to feel good and maintain your health.

What is measles?
Please see information from the Public Health Agency of Canada on Measles.

Student Searches
Please see important press release from Chairman, Dan Lamoureux, and Director General, Sylvain Racette, regarding student searches.

Parents' Committee Meeting
February 2, 2015: The Riverside School Board’s Parents’ Committee was honored to receive one MNA and three political attaches for an open and friendly discussion regarding the proposed school board mergers, budgetary constraints and their impact on the quality of public education in Quebec. Among other points, the parent-members voiced their concerns regarding classroom sizes and special-needs services.

Success in School
The Québec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (QLSCD), also known as “I am, I’ll be,” is being conducted by the Institut de la statistique du Québec in collaboration with a number of partners. The main goal of the survey is to identify the factors, which observed in early childhood, contribute to social adjustment and academic success among Québec children.

Registration starts February 5, 2015
Kindergarten is a big step for all children. At Riverside School Board, our Kindergarten program aims to meet a very specific goal: to make the first year of school an enriching and stimulating experience for all children and their parents. For eligibility criteria in order to qualify for English Instruction, click here.

Bubusse visits Terry Fox Elementary School
As part of the School Bus Safety Campaign, Terry Fox Elementary School in Saint-Hubert, received the visit of Bubusse, the Bus Carriers Federation’s mascot. Following a Transco initiative, Bubusse visited all the classrooms where students were reminded of the bus safety rules. The children greatly appreciated the visit of Bubusse, the very huggable mascot!

LEARN Newsletter
LEARN February-March 2015 Newsletter is now available!

Host Family for an International Student
Riverside School Board is looking for English speaking host families who will provide a welcoming home for an international student wanting to study in the Montéregie area.

Inspirations Express - Winter-Spring 2015
Read the new Inspirations Express - Winter-Spring 2015 Edition!

Yoga at Terry Fox School
Free Yoga at Terry Fox School on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Response to Minister Bolduc’s Proposed Restructuring of English School Boards
Extract of the minutes of a regular meeting of the Council of Commissioners for Riverside School Board held at 7525 chemin de Chambly, St. Hubert (Québec) December 16, 2014.

Is your child's hockey helmet safe?
Winter is back, so are young hockey fans. Keep them safe by making sure they wear the proper safety equipment.

Ground Breaking Event at REACH School
On Monday, October 27, REACH School held its Ground Breaking Event to celebrate its new playground. The celebration took place outside while students truly enjoyed spinning, climbing, and balancing in their new playing field. The playground improvement was made possible thanks to the generous contribution from Heritage Regional High School. Riverside School Board was proud to highlight how the schools work and support each other; it makes Riverside community much stronger. Commissioners, administrators, parents, and friends attended the event.

It's Flu Season
Did you know that each year up to 7 million Canadians get the flu? An average of 12,200 Canadians are admitted to the hospital due to the flu, and approximately 3,500 Canadians die from the flu. Do you know how to recognize flu symptoms? The Healthy Canadians website offers a wealth of information on the flu and how to tell the difference between cold and flu symptoms. Visit the page Is it a cold or the flu?

A Diploma within Reach with RAC
What is the RAC? The recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) in vocational and technical training is a process that allows adults to be evaluated and obtain official recognition for competencies acquired on the job or through real-life experience in relation to a program of study.

Riverside Television
Watch Riverside Television's Round Tables, Riverside's Got Talent and Riverside School Events!

Information about Head Lice
Head lice have been around for a long time and they are not about to disappear any time soon. Each year in all regions of Quebec, tens of thousands of small hands start furiously scratching the backs of heads and ears. That is one sign that the incessant war against head lice has started up again. We must be prepared since an organized battle is still the best strategy!

Concussions: Facts & Recommendations
See brochure for important information regarding concussions.

FREE Online Tutoring with REAL Teachers. EASY, SAFE, FUN homework help!

The Leadership Committee for English Education in Québec – LCEEQ is a collaborative professional learning community established for the purpose of promoting educational leadership in response to the needs of the English educational community of Québec.

Riverside against Bullying
Schools of the Riverside School Board take a stand against bullying of all sorts.

The History of French Immersion
Did you know that Riverside School Board is the birth place of the French Immersion program we see today in most English schools? HRTV has produced this video outlining the history and evolution of this successful program. Have a look!

In The News
See Riverside School Board media coverage.

We Are Riverside
Promotional video of Riverside School Board. See what makes us great!

Keeping Boys in School
See the Ministère de l'éducation, du loisir et du sport's new website to convince boys to stay in school.